Lemnos and its people

The promotion to the world community of the extremely significant role that the island

of Lemnos played during World War I, especially at the Gallipoli Campaign and the

modern Greek heritage which developed from the remnants of this international

event is the main aim of the Association “The Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC”, which

was established in 2014.

Lemnos, with its strategic position in the Northern Aegean, was the headquarters of

the allied military forces of the Entente in their preparation for the Gallipoli campaign

in the spring of 1915. It was also responsible for the logistic and medical support for

the campaign as it developed. It was only three years since Lemnos had gained its

freedom from the Ottoman Empire and in essence, it was the first participation of the

modern Greek state as we know it, in a worldwide war. However, whereas Turkey

having joined the opposing side, has made use of the Gallipoli campaign to establish,

on the one hand, a thriving tourist industry and on the other hand to strengthen her

national prestige, Greece has done nothing to date to fully exploit the contribution of

the allied forces of the Entente to the positive outcome of WW1. Notably, also

undeveloped, remains Greece’s participation with the allies of the Entente, in the

operations in Thessaloniki and Western Macedonia and the salvaging of the

“Britannic”, sister vessel of the world famous “Titanic”, that was transformed during

the war into a floating hospital and was sunk by the enemy fleet at the Kea straights

In 2016, based on the program “ANZAC – The next 100 years”, the Association has

scheduled a series of events based on the premise that historical memories must be

preserved and passed on to the next generations

In order to promote this unknown side of modern Hellenic history and in turn to create

multiple benefits for our nation, on a national, cultural, financial and touristic level, the

“Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC” has examined these historic details and has

subsequently developed a long term plan. The first phase of this plan has a three-

year duration and initially promotes the world at large, of the role that Lemnos played

during the Gallipoli campaign in the history of the British Commonwealth, France,

Russia, particularly in Australia and New Zealand that lost thousands of men and

women in the struggle for freedom as well as India, Canada, Egypt, UK, Ireland,

Turkey and Greece of course.

This three year plan has, as its focal point, the annual commemorations which take

place each year in April in Lemnos and in Greece in general, of the Gallipoli

campaign, while at the same time, and on an international perspective, events will be

organized to promote Lemnos’ role: historical research findings, congresses and

cultural events in cooperation with the War Memorial of Australia, Kings College of

London, the Commonwealth War Grave Commission, and international organizations

and institutions as well. A first priority of the Association is the appropriate

commemoration of the centenary of the “Armistice of Moudros”, and again to

present Greece’s role during WW1.

Thus, in April 2016, 101 years after the historical D Day, the following activities have

been scheduled to take place:

On the 20th of April, on Lemnos the relatives of those lost and buried on Lemnos

during 1915-1918 will be invited to the island for a ceremony organized in

cooperation with the Commonwealth War Grave Commission, the Imperial War

Museum of London, the Imperial War Museum of Australia and the War Museum of

Athens, to a remembrance ceremony. Reference shall be made to all those dead

soldiers, nurses and assistants that participated in one of the most bloody wars,

which, however, opened the path to the future to all nations.

On the 20th of April, there will also be an official commencement in Lemnos of the

international survey that was proposed at the World congress “WW1 in the

Mediterranean-ANZAC and the role of Lemnos”, by the Australian Archaeological

Institution of Sydney, and which will be carried out in cooperation with various

institutions and universities. This will be the guide to help us comprehend the times

during which the landing of the troops in Gallipoli took place, thus leading to a better

understanding of the specific role played by each of the participating allies in Lemnos

and also in Greece.

On the 21st of April, there will be a detailed presentation on the island of the

International project: “Lemnos through the last 100 years – Facing the next 100 years

of history”. The presentation will be given by Professors of the Greek academic

community who are already coordinating with international educational institutions

with the main intention being to activate the international community so that the

mistakes of the past become a better guiding light for a more peaceful future.

The Association will invite international recognized war veteran organizations and

other institutions that have a direct involvement with World War I, and in particular,

the ANZAC organizations around the world, to a two-day workshop, which will take

place on the island of Lemnos on 21-22 April.

On the 25th of April, members of the Association, accompanied by local officials, will

travel to Canakkale, Turkey, to participate in the commemoration ceremonies that will

take place there.

On the 27th May, at the Athens Musical Hall (Megaro), there will be the inauguration

of the project “Lemnos Culture, and Modern History”, a sound, music and optical

show performed by a team of well known Greek and international artists. The central

idea and focus of this show will be to present the culture of modern Greece, as it

developed through the years since the Gallipoli campaign until the present and the

influence of Lemnos in this.

To all the above mentioned events and actions, North Aegean Region, and the

Municipality of Lemnos island, Greece, is also cooperating and co-organizing those

events with our Association, taking the official Greek’s State position

All the above described plans and actions, have a final goal: The promotion of

cultural and social relationship caused to Limnos, during the Gallipoli

Campaign, and comprehensively in Greece the period 1915-1918 and

subsequent years.

This project development, can progress in three areas:

 Development and creation of jobs, primarily in the processing time. (Siting

monuments, creation of thematic areas, development of recreational sites and


 Creating a potential tourist destination, through culture, and developing a

series of actions for the coming years, aiming at the high income level of the

visitors of historical and cultural tourism, leveraging the creation of investment

at every level of business activity (hotels, marinas, development of thematic

cruise destinations, aviation, banking, etc.)

 Creating growth model. Highlighting the relationships that existed and

methodology developed, and pointing resolutely intend to promote worldwide

cultural heritage of a continuity of ancient Greece, we touch on many areas of

our country that have achieved similar stories (Battle of Crete, Korean War

etc.) in order to move accordingly.

To make all the above happens, we have established a very powerful communication

plan, starting from February 2016. Our communication program is fully supported by

the Greek TV Networks (ERT,OTE-TV and OTE –HistoryTV , Makedonia TV,Center

TV Makedonia, Ellopia-TV,New York) Our internet TV Channel “LemnosCulture-TV”

wil star to operate since end of March from Lemnos and will through Internet around

the world. In that way we can show international what our island has to present and

its contribution to the world

To all the above mentioned events and actions, North Aegean Region, and the

Municipality of Lemnos island, Greece, is also cooperating and co-organizing those

events with our Association, taking the official Greek’s State position

The Project is supporting and co organizing with the North Aegean Region, The

Lemnos Municipality, The Lemnos’ Hoteliers Association and the Chamber of

Commerce of Lesvos –Lemnos Islands. Our Association also has the auspices of

H.E. The President of The Hellenic Republic ,Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos, and the

Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism , Ministry of Maritime Affair and Insular policy,

as well as “The Greek Tourism Organization”(EOT), the Ministry of Hellenic Rural

Development and Food, the Ministry of Development-General Secretariat for

Research and Technology.

Sponsorship Program ”Lemnos and its people”

The “Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC” Association want with the upcoming development

because of the events of ANZAC, to create a legacy to future generations of how the

culture of the island was created, to highlight forms of professional or simple

everyday people, successful in operating anywhere in the world, is asking for the

support of all Lemnians for the successful preparing of this program. So we develop

a sponsorship program with a unique stimulus the origin of the donors which has to

be from Lemnos, people with boundless love for the island and its culture. This

sponsorship program is entitled "Lemnos and its People", and we ask from you to be

part of it with the amount of 2000,00 € as reinforcement.

What is this sponsorship? What will this sponsorship yield?

• The sponsor will have an honorary place in the events of the

Association to be held in April 2016 in Lemnos

• The sponsor will receive 2 prime tickets in the Association’s

event at the Athens Concert Hall, (Megaro Mousikis Athinon)

which will be performed with the support of the President of the

Greek Republic and the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, on

May 27, 2016

• Post prominently banner sponsorship (for a business) in the

press conference and the events that will take place in Lemnos in

April 2016 and the relevant forms of action version

• Special tribute space 10 page A3 for text and relevant pictures of

the sponsor, in the luxurious album that will release titled

:“Lemnos and its People ". This album will be edited by the

journalist of the Huffington Post Newspaper, Mr. Dimitris


• 4 entrance tickets to the presentation reception of this special

album, which will take place on September 5, 2016, at the Varos

Village Hotel –Lemnos.

 20 minutes of participation and presentation by the TV show

"Lemnos and its People" to be presented and directed by the

director of the National TV Channel ERT3, Mr. Nikos Volonaki.

Emissions will be shot in Lemnos, in the summer of 2016 and will

emit an hourly show of our online channel "LemnosCulture -TV",

which will be broadcast worldwide.

The sponsorship program because of its temporal particular nature, will be in

effect until April 18, 2016.

Lemnos and its people