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Our Mission As a company, we commit ourselves in delivering outstanding results in terms of Value Added: Create a model company which will provide continuously improving products, services and added value to all stakeholders Growth: Enhance our position in the lines of General Insurance, with increasing risk acceptance in the field of commercial & industrial business. Innovation: Rapidly penetrate the Greek Health Insurance market, by providing innovative, simple and flexible programs International expansion: Strengthen our presence in the Greek insurance market and expand our activities in the broader developing markets of the European Union area Transparency: Create and continuously improve trusted, transparent relations between the company’s stakeholders Our Values We commit in performing our duties always under the following fundamental set of corporate values Integrity: Respect and serve human needs with honesty and dignity Customer Service: Full, timely and precise satisfaction of our customers’ needs Responsibility: Full awareness of our social responsibility toward the Greek society, as responsible members of the insurance community Culture: Our corporate culture is based on mutual trust and respect, friendship, teamwork and devotion for the role that each one of us is expected to carry out.


 hotel brain


HotelBrain is an independent company specializing in hotel development, management and consulting.

The firm carries out the development of new hotel projects working closely with owners and investors in all phases of the development and operates hotels under management agreements with a purpose to create brand recognition, high gross profit margins and commercial value.

In addition, HotelBrain offers a wide range of personalized consulting services and assists hotel owners to achieve desired results.


varos village

Beginning in 2010, the Greek developer & his family began to bring life back to the neglected village. A civil engineer by education and a developer by passion, his vision restored and modernized life in the village, without sacrificing its original traditional Lemnian charm, and thus, a Village Hotel was created. Aged more than two centuries, Traditional Residences & some of village’s Windmills have been transformed into the stunning accommodation of Varos Village. Located in different spots within Varos village itself, each housing complex has its own story to tell. Earthy colors of traditional architecture, tiles made of Lemnia Terra and the same volcanic stone have been carefully used by local craftsmen for the restoration. Spacious Rooms and Suites, with a great ambiance and equipped with all modern facilities, are ready to welcome you. The goal of Varos Village is to offer you a unique experience of authentic Greek hospitality and a memorable stay with unforgettable memories



Our Mission
To travel our passengers with safety, continuously providing services of high standards across all travel stages, through an extensive network of destinations, which connects every corner of Greece and Greece with the world.
Our Vision
To act responsibly in developing the market, evolving our employees, supporting our partners and local communities.

Our Values

•Respond to our passenger’s needs
•Put the passenger in focus
•Pursue constant enhancement of the overall passenger experience in all travel stages
•Focus on the quality of the services and products offered
•Invest in innovation and progress
•Conduce to the growth of our country’s tourism, as well as having merit in representing Greece abroad
•Aim to render Greek air transportation a sustainable and profitable source for growth with multiple benefits for tourism, employment and state revenues
•Care for the needs of society in general and more importantly of sensitive social groups
•Conduct business in a responsible and respectful manner towards the environment, our employees, our passengers, our suppliers and local communities.



 HELLENIC SEAWAYS has been sailing the Greek seas since 1999 in its current form. It is the largest Hellenic maritime company, owning and operating 21 conventional and high speed vessels that connect more than 35 ports in the N.E. Aegean, the Cyclades, the Saronic Gulf and the Sporades.


Astra Airlines S.A provides passenger air transport services, maintaining and applying a documented Environmental Management System, tailored and harmonized to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14 001.The System provides the means for establishing, promoting, reviewing and revising goals and objectives aimed at undertaking initiatives and promoting action plans to continuously improve environmental performance and reducenegative impact on the environment.


Η επιχείρηση ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ ΑΙΓΑΙΟΥ ΑΕ, είναι μια πρότυπη πολυμετοχική επιχείρηση στο Βόρειο Αιγαίο, στο χώρο των εκδόσεων, εκτυπώσεων και επικοινωνίας. Διαθέτει ιδιόκτητες εγκαταστάσεις επιφανείας 710 τετραγωνικών, που περιλαμβάνουν γραφεία, ατελιέ και μια πλήρη σύγχρονη εκτυπωτική μονάδα, ενώ απασχολεί 39 μισθωτούς και 12 εξωτερικούς συνεργάτες. Επίσης διαθέτει υποκατάστημα στη Λήμνο και στο κέντρο της πόλης της Μυτιλήνης. Η εταιρία είναι πιστοποιημένη κατά ISO 9001:2008 για το σύνολο των εργασιών της.





"Λήμνος γαιάων πολύ φιλτάτη απασέων" 'Ομηρος