The “Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC” Association held its first General Assembly

yesterday 03/27/2015, and conducting elections to the Board and Audit Committee.

The climate was too warm and vibrant, noticing the acceptance of the association, its

work and its purpose, which is to promote Limnos position in the history of World

War I and especially at the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915.

The founding members attended nearly all indicating acceptance of the hitherto

actions of the Executive Committee and the belief that were properly the basis for the

work of the Association. Of course, with many new members, fine members of our

society, Lemnians and non, the General Assembly gave a new impulse to continue our

work .The participation and election of the new Board of Mrs. Christina Despoteri,

Lemnian origin but resident in Australia showed and the tendency of the Association

to open the horizons of people where the earth, which are however common vision,

and exceeds the immediate environment of the island.

The General Assembly honored many people, the vote was made by all types and

elected in a row

Stelios A. Mantzaris

Christina Despoteri

Dimitris Matzaris

Lia Tsakanika

Michael Bougioukas

And alternate Board of Director s Member Dimitris Tsivikis

Then the elected discussed between them and Mrs. Despoteri thanked everyone for

the honor she did to the elect, proposed and everyone else accepted, to work for the

Association as a special consultant in order to broaden the activity abroad more

thereby creating a vacancy on the Board which was replaced by the alternate elected.

This accepted by the others with satisfaction, and then, as defined by the Statute,

together defined the positions in the new three-year Board as follows:

Board President: Stelios A. Mantzaris

Vice President: Michael Bougioukas

Secretary: Lia Tsakanika

Treasurer: Dimitris Tsivikis

Member: Dimitris Matzaris

Special Advisor Contact: Christina Despoteri

Also assigned to Mr. Dimitris Mantzaris, coordination of the working groups will be

set by their leaders, immediately after the official commemorative events on 17-20


In light of all the above, the Association looks with great dynamics, the centenary

commemorations’ period (17-20 April 2015) and the first Board working groups will

be discussed, with a view to greater success of festive events for the summer of 2015,

as had created by the Executive Committee and as decided that will be held by the

new Board. It sends it to all, friends and Lemnian, Lemnos request to thicken the

Association classes with active participation


For the Board

Stelios A. Mantzaris                     Michael Bougioukas

President of the Board                 Vice Chairman of the Board