Dear Friends
Commemorations for the 101 anniversary of the Gallipoli Campaign and the ANZAC Day, were hosted in Lemnos island, the 20th and 21st April, 2016 , showing once again to the world community , the participation of the island in this global historical event.

Just like in 1915, the recognition of the historical memory and the participation of the island, were very important, and populous. Residents of the island, school children, military and political leadership officials, along with representatives from foreign countries ( Australia, New Zealand, France), gave their due respect, to the Fallen of all the countries who fought, and left their bodies in Gallipoli, and also at the sacred soil of Lemnos, at the Allied cemeteries of Moudros, Portianou, and also the Muslim Allied cemetery.
"The Lemnos’ Friends of ANZAC" Association, once again co-organized with the authorities of the island, the remembrance commemorations, along with the official announcement of international research and formal proof, of the participation of Lemnos in the First World War.

In this way and with the global academic and historical community, we will prove the seriousness of the culture impact and all the cultural relationships that emerged. with the presence of more than 160000 soldiers. Foreign people who stayed in Lemnos, before and during the Gallipoli campaign, and also afterwards, throughout the entire duration of the WW1.
Thus, with seriousness and meditation, we will tread, and we will prove, and will call on all the 'stakeholders' involved to be part of the celebration, of the centenary of the Signature of the Armistice of Moudros, at its physical location, Moudros Lemnos, with the due pomp (prestige and significance) of it being a global event!!.

The new Museum of Naval Tradition, which was inaugurated at in the same area, where all the historical events occurred (Moudros), will be used as a 'springboard' of knowledge, for its visitors, and also for historians who would like to see live representations of Lemnos's position in world history

At the website of the association, within a few days, the program of the international survey, will be posted, as well as all the official actions, for 2016, 2017, and 2018, within Lemnos, and Greece, but also around the world in general. Below is a series of photographs relating to official celebrations of ANZAC Day.