Victoria Australia

This afternoon the Victorian Parliament honored the bonds between Greece and Australia - forged across two world wars and in the waves of post-war migration - with the planting of an olive tree and unveiling of a memorial plaque. The memorial was unveiled by the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Lieutenant General Floros of the Hellenic Armed Forces and the Leader of the Opposition the Hon Matthew Guy. The Consul General of Greece, Ms Christina Simantiraki, also attended the event, along with many members of Parliament, Anzac descendants (Deb Elizabeth Stewart the grand-daughter of Sister Evelyn Hutt who served on Lemnos in 1915; Shirley Devery the daughter of Private Tom Devery who served in Greece in 1941; and Peter Ford, the son of Frank Ford who also served in Greece in 1941). Congratulations to the Victorian Parliamentary Friends of Greece, supported by the Battle of Crete and Greece Commemorative Council and the Lemnos Gallipoli Commemorative Committee, on creating this great addition to Melbourne's commemorative heritage. A big thank you to Lee Tarlamis, Antonis Tsourdalakis and Steven Dimopoulos for their bring this proposal to a reality. It was an honour of mine to not only attend the event but also to contribute the text of the memorial plaque - and thanks to Christina Despoteris for her excellent translation of the text of the memorial (bravo!). Dimitris Boulotis, Dimitris Konstantinidis, Dimitris Matzaris, Panagiotis Andrianopoulos, Sotiris Varelas, Periklis Mantas, Rico Soublis, Lela Soubli, Liza Koutsaplis, Haroula Koutsapli, Stelios Mantzaris, Nick Dallas, Jim Grivas, Jim Papadimitriou, John Rerakis, John William Irwin, Ian Frazer, Peter Ewer, George Iliopoulos, Nelly Skoufatoglou, Eugenia Pavlopoulou, Bill Papastergiadis, Leonidas Vlahakis, Arch Bregiannis, Paul Soug, Jenny Krasopoulaki, Katy Karabatsos, Ioanna Kikkide