Events in Mudros April 20, 2015

Events in Mudros

13:00 Warship presence of the Australian and Greek Navy at the Bay of Mudros

Mudros Port

Monument of the Fallen Australian Soldiers and Australian Nurses

15:30 Memorial Service

15:45 Official wreath laying service and flowers deposition of cruise ship passengers

in the memorial plaque to the Fallen at the Gallipoli Campaign and the Australian


16:00 “The role of the nurses and the support of the Lemnian society to them”

Speech by Mr .John McLennan, President of Red Cross of NSW

Exhibition of local products and traditional dances from the dance section of the

Mudros Cultural Association

Mudros Cultural Center

16:05 Exhibition of photographs and memorabilia season 1915 by the Cultural

Association Mudros

"The ANZACs on Lemnos 1915-2015, A Century - A History" Presentation of the

program from the Gymnasium of Livadohori

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Events in Mudros April 20, 2015