Events in Portianou April 19th, 2015

Events in Portianou

Memorial of Brigadier Stephen Saunders

10:15 End of official turnout

10:30 Wreath Laying service from Lemnos Officials and the North Aegean

prefecture in the area of the official honorary memorial of Brigadier Stephen


Portianou Commonwealth War Cemetery

10:45 Memorial Service

11:00 Wreath Laying service

11:20 Tour in the Cemetery

11:00 The “Run for Peace”, a "Race" for commemorating the Gallipoli Campaign.

Route is from the Commonwealth War Cemetery of Mudros to Portianou

Portianou Traditional and Folklore Museum ( open for visit)

Portianou Cultural Center

Exhibition of photographic material from the archives of the Australian Historian

specialized in WWI, Mr. Jim Claven

11:30 “Commemorating Gallipolis’s Hellenic Heart – Lemnos 2015” presentation by

the historian Mr. Jim Claven

11:45 Start of a symbolic race for the disable team of the Lemnos Athletic Team

(Route: Palaio Pedino- Portianou village)

Termination of the race and award of the winners and all the volunteers


Events in Portianou April 19th, 2015